My research team is working to develope sustainable waste treatment methods (SWTM) for treating food waste and green waste. We are involved in testing the efficacies of various SWTMs including conventional composting, vermi-composting, and advanced composting for controlling food waste and green waste attached pathogens. We are also testing/developing methods for controlling pathogens in solid and liquid fractions of dairy manure.

Journal article

Pandey, P.K., Lejeune, M., Biswas S., Morash, D., Weimer, B., Young, G. (2015) A new method for converting foodwaste into pathogen free soil amendment for enhancing agricultural sustainability. Journal of Cleaner Production

Desinging and Development of composting

Desinging and development

Sagor Biswas and Venkata Vaddella (post-doctoral) working on pilot-scale powered composting)


Pramod and Tim installing sensors in dairy lagoon